How To Take Out A Flat Nose Stud

Last Updated on December 29, 2023

Nose studs are some of the most popular jewelry used for nose piercings.

Nose studs are available in a variety of shapes and are comfortable to wear and easy to remove.

While nose studs come in a variety of shapes and sizes, most nose studs are easy to remove using a simple process.

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How to Take Out A Flat Back Nose Stud

Changing a flat back nose stud begins by removing the old jewelry so it can be replaced with something new.

To begin removing a flat back nose stud, gently pinch the ball or gem located on the exterior nostril.

Next, twist the ball or gem counter-clockwise to loosen and release from the stud post.

Guide the stud post out of the nostril by gently drawing the stud post down and away from the nostril.

After removing the stud post from the nostril, reattach the ball or gem to the old stud and replace with a new piece of jewelry.

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Types Of Studs

Nose studs come in a variety of shapes and types.

Here’s a list of the most popular stud types and how they compare to each other:


L-shaped nose studs are the most popular option for nostril piercings because they are both comfortable to wear and easy to use.

L-shaped studs offer unparalleled comfort and security because of the 90 degree L-shaped design.

These types of studs do not press into the side of the nostril and remain secure within the nose, making them the perfect stud for daily wear.

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Straight End

Also known as pin studs, straight end studs are popular options for new piercers.

Straight end studs are simple to insert and go directly into the piercing.

This type of nose stud is easy to change, but may be less secure than other types of studs.

You can reduce the risk of losing the nose stud by wearing a properly fitted stud in the appropriate gauge size.


Bone studs are a comfortable and secure option for nose piercings.

Bone studs are inserted directly into the piercing and are secured by a tiny ball at the end of the post.

Because the ball cannot be removed from the post, bone studs remain snug and secure within the nostril.

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Labret studs are by far the most secure option for nostril piercings.

With a flat back and a screw-on or push-in gem or ball, labret studs sit comfortably and securely within the nostril.

Insertion can be trickier for first-time users, but with patience and practice, labret studs become a breeze to insert and remove.

Other Options

Other options for nose piercings include retainers, which serve as temporary placeholders for new piercings.

Hoops are another great option and are easy to insert and comfortable to wear.

Additionally, nostril screws make great options for mature piercings and provide security and comfort.

When To Change Your Nose Stud

Changing a nose stud depends on the age of the piercing.

Because new piercings are delicate and susceptible to premature closing, it’s recommended that studs remain in place for two months.

If tenderness or soreness occurs while attempting to change a stud, simply leave the original stud in for an additional week to allow the healing process to finish.

Studs that are changed too early can swell or become infected.

Mature nostril piercings require less care and can have jewelry changed on a daily basis if no tenderness or irritation occurs.

However, mature nostril piercings should always have a piece of jewelry inserted into the piercing to ensure the piercing remains open.

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