Carre vs Asscher Cut Diamonds

Last Updated on August 5, 2022

If you’re looking for a unique and vintage diamond cut, look no further than an Asscher or carre cut diamond.

But while the two cuts may look similar, there are a few fundamental differences between the two.

Here’s a look at what sets a carre cut diamond apart from an Asscher cut diamond.

14K White Gold 0.83 Carat LAB GROWN IGI CERTIFIED DIAMOND Elegant Twisting Split Shank Asscher Cut Diamond Engagement Ring (E-F Color SI1-SI2 Clarity 0.75 Ct Center)


What Are Carre Cut Diamonds?

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Carre cut diamonds are vintage cuts that are a mixture of princess and emerald cut diamonds. 

Carre cut diamonds are step-cut, meaning the facets mimic a staircase that meets at the narrow endpoint at the center of the stone.

Carre cut diamonds have four distinctive corners and are square in shape. While they are the least popular step-cut diamond, they make a great choice for individuals who appreciate a vintage flare.

Pros of Carre Cut Diamonds

While not as popular as other brilliant cuts, carre cut diamonds have a lot to offer, including:


Carre cut diamonds are less in demand than other cuts of diamonds and use up to 65% of the rough diamond.

Carre cut diamonds have a low cost-per-carat because of the lower demand and more efficient use of the rough diamond.


Carre cut diamonds produce some of the highest amounts of fire. A carre cut diamond that has good polish and symmetry will offer an impressive fire rivaled by very few other stone cuts.


Because few engagement rings feature a carre cut diamond as the center stone, it is a unique choice that sets the ring apart from the rest. 

Drawbacks of Carre Cut Diamonds

Carre cut diamonds are a unique choice but do have a few considerations that may not be for everyone, including:

Low Inventory

Because carre cut diamonds aren’t as in demand, they aren’t stocked by major diamond retailers and are challenging to find as loose cut diamonds. Most carre cut diamonds are sold in preset rings.

Less Brilliance

Carre cut diamonds have deep facets that refract less light and produce only a muted sparkle which may not appeal to all buyers.


Another drawback of the deep facets of a carre cut diamond is the lack of coverage from inclusions (flaws). The elongated shape of the facets makes inclusions and color more visible. 

It’s recommended to select a carre cut diamond with a G color grade or higher.


The distinctive sharp corners of carre cut diamonds leave them vulnerable to chipping, which can be expensive to repair and may not be suitable for daily wear.

What Are Asscher Cut Diamond?

Platinum 3 Carat LAB GROWN IGI CERTIFIED DIAMOND Designer Four Prong Pave Set Round Asscher Cut Diamond Engagement Ring (I-J Color SI1-SI2 Clarity 2 Ct Center)

Asscher cut diamonds are another vintage style that features 58 step-cut facets and a windmill pattern when viewed top down.

Asscher cut diamonds have beveled edges and eight sides. Asscher cut diamonds are a popular choice for center stones. 

Pros of Asscher Cut Diamonds

Asscher cut diamonds have steadily gained popularity since the 2000s and are considered a vintage take on the modern engagement ring. 

Some of the benefits of an Asscher cut diamond include:


Like its counterpart, Asscher cut diamonds are more affordable than other cuts of diamonds. In fact, Asscher cut diamonds are on average 15-44% more affordable than other popular cuts of diamonds.


Because Asscher cut diamonds have blunted edges, they are less prone to chipping or snagging on external items, making them a durable choice for daily wear.


Asscher cut diamonds are available in a variety of length-to-width ratios ranging from 1.00 to 1.05 and can have a square or rectangular shape depending on the preference of the individual.

For individuals looking for a truly unique look, Royal Asscher cut diamonds feature 74 facets and deliver a distinctive vintage look.

Downsides of Asscher Cut Diamonds

Asscher cut diamonds are unique but they may not be the right cut for everyone.

Drawbacks of Asscher cut diamonds include:

Low Brilliance

Asscher cut diamonds lack the ability to capture light because of their long facets. Because of this, Asscher diamonds will exhibit only a muted glow. 

Individuals interested in an antique appearance may appreciate the soft flow of an Asscher cut.


Asscher cut diamonds are prone to showing inclusions more so than other cuts of diamonds. To reduce the visibility of flaws, it’s recommended to select Asscher cut diamonds with a grading of SI1 or higher.


Another common concern with Asscher cut diamonds is color. Because of its elongated facets, Asscher cut diamonds can appear yellow in color. 

It’s recommended to select an Asscher cut diamond graded H or higher.

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