The Gld Shop Review – Is it Legit or a Scam? [2022]

Last Updated on December 29, 2023

The Gld Shop is a premium hip-hop-inspired jewelry retailer founded in 2008 by Christian Johnston and Dan Folger.

With a large headquarters in Miami, Florida, and an expansive collection of fine jewelry, The Gld Shop has become a popular outlet for customers looking to purchase luxurious urban-inspired jewelry.

The GLD Shop 12MM Prong Baguette Cuban Necklace, 16" - White Gold


What Makes The Gld Shop Unique?

The Gld Shop offers customers the opportunity to shop for high-end jewelry inspired by urban art and culture. The Gld Shop has partnered with a variety of popular celebrities, including A$AP Rocky among others, and remains a popular retailer for celebrity clients, such as Cardi B.

In addition to having celebrity customers and endorsements from some of the most popular musicians and athletes, The Gld Shop boasts an impressive collection of jewelry ranging from custom rings to chains, bracelets, and earrings.


Some of the unique features offered by The Gld Shop include:

Top-Notch Quality & Service

All jewelry sold at The Gld Shop is tested for quality and durability prior to sale and meets standards set forth by the Jewelers Vigilance Committee, ensuring that all jewelry purchased from The Gld Shop lives up to the highest standards and reputation. Additionally, all items offered through The Gld Shop are 14-18k gold, sterling silver, or genuine white/black rhodium.

Customers can also contact The Gld Shop with questions regarding pieces via email, chat, or telephone. All inquiries are addressed within 24 hours with customer service agents available during normal business hours to assist with customer inquiries and orders.

Diverse Inventory

The Gld Shop offers an impressive selection of jewelry with prices ranging from $35 to thousands of dollars for custom pieces. Customers shopping with The Gld Shop can expect to browse an extensive collection of high-end jewelry, including pendants, earrings, bracelets, rings, and chains. Additionally, customers can shop a wide range of solid gold jewelry, or splurge on a custom piece starting at $2,000.

The Gld Shop offers an assortment of fine jewelry products that come in a variety of metal options, including:

  • Rose gold
  • Yellow gold
  • White gold

4MM Rope Chain Necklace 20" 24" - Rose Gold (24)

Additionally, The Gld Shop offers pendants in a variety of styles and shapes, such as:

  • Crosses
  • Phrases
  • Symbols
  • US Sports leagues, including NBA, NFL, MLB, and more.
  • Marvel characters, including Spiderman, Ironman, Captin America, etc.

The GLD Shop Micro Celtic Cross V.3 Pendant - Gold, White Gold (Gold)

Lastly, The Gld Shop offers bundles – combination sets of pendants with chains or bracelets – in a variety of styles and price points for customers interested in purchasing more than one item.

The Reputation

The Gld Shop has built a well-known reputation within the hip-hop community and has become a popular retailer for celebrity clients. The Gld Shop boasts high-quality products and collaborations with some of the biggest professional accounts, including designing limited edition pennants for major sports teams, such as the Green Bay Packers and Chicago Bulls.

The Gld Shop has also built a successful reputation through the promotion of the GLD Gang, which allows customers the opportunity to win money and gain exposure by promoting products on social media using the hashtag #GLDGANG.

Lastly, The Gld Shop continues to build a strong word-of-mouth reputation by offering a referral program that allows customers the opportunity to receive discounts for referring friends and family members to the retailer.

The Warranty & Returns

The Gld Shop offers a standard warranty against manufacturing defects on all products. The Gld Shop will repair, replace, or refund products with proven manufacturing defects. Customers purchasing Alpha Era Watches receive a standard 12-month warranty with the purchase and have the option to upgrade to a 24-month warranty for an additional $99.

Returns and exchanges are accepted within 14-days of purchase on participating items. Earrings, solid gold items, and custom pieces are excluded from The Gld Shop’s return and exchange policy.

Why Purchase From The Gld Shop?

The Gld Shop is a reputable and well-respected luxury jewelry retailer dedicated to bringing hip-hop and urban-inspired jewelry to the public. Customers shopping with The Gld Shop can expect an array of popular jewelry items accessible to any budget.

With a large collection of solid gold pieces, chains, bracelets, and earrings, The Gld Shop is a great option for unique jewelry inspired by urban art and culture with an impressive reputation to match.

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