How Many MM Is A Standard Septum Ring? All You Need To Know

Last Updated on December 30, 2023

In the past years only nose and piercings were known to majority of the population. However, with time and evolution in the lifestyle industry people found new ways for piercings. Since then Septum Ring piercing has gained popularity and is done by mostly every person.

A septum ring piercing is done to your nasal septum, that is the bit of flesh and skin between your nostrils. The piercing can be done by various size of the wire. However, the standard the septum ring size in 1.2mm thick or mainly known as the 16-gauge wire.

The reason many jewelers use the 1.2mm size as it is the often called the starter gauge. There are wire sizes available above and below the 1.2mm and it depends on the person who is getting it done. 


How Many MM Is A Standard Septum Ring?

The standard septum ring piercing size is 1.2mm. Majority of the jewelers also call this size category as the 16-gauge size. So if a jeweler informs that he is using the 16-gauge wire size, it is the standard 1.2mm he is using. 

The 1.2mm is perfect for the standard for any size of ring you want to wear. The 1.2mm is the wire size that is going to make the place for the piercing to sit.

The septum piercing can be a bit painful for some people. This is the reason why jewelers recommend using the standard septum ring size. The 1.2mm size comparatively less painful and can be easily and quickly done.

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Are Septum Rings Permanent?

This is the best feature of getting septum ring piercings done. They can be safely removed and it is easy to do that. If you know how to, then you don’t even have to go to the jewelers.

Why many people love getting septum ring piercings is due to the fact that they don’t leave a trace after they are removed. The piercing area gets healed after a while and it doesn’t look it one got a piercing there. 

What Is The Difference Between 14-gauge and 16-gauge?

Looking at the number 16-gauge it may seem a bigger and a thicker size. However, that is not the case here. As the size number comes down the septum ring size gets thicker. 

What Other Septum Ring Sizes Are Available?

Septum rings are available in many other sizes than the standard 1.2mm (16-gauge). The spectrum ring piercings are available in 4 sizes. 1.2mm that is the standard, 1.6mm (14-gauge), 2mm (12-gauge) and 2.4mm (10-gauge).

It is on you what size you want to choose and get pierced with. There are no other sizes available than the ones mentioned above.

How Long Does It Take For A Septum To Shrink?

The septum shrinking and healing and be a bit painful for many people. However, the painful part only last for 1-3 weeks. After that you won’t feel any pain in your septum.

However, the septum doesn’t fully heal in this time period. Septum piercing can take up to 6 to 8 months to completely heal. During this it time one wouldn’t feel any pain or irritation.

Does A Septum Piercing Change Nose Shape?

This is a reason many people tend not get their septum piercing done. Septum piercing doesn’t change the nose shape. One change the septum piercings bring out is that it highlights the facial asymmetry in nose and face.

Every person has a level of facial asymmetry and this why many people fear getting their septum piercing done. Whereas, some people use this reason in favor of getting their piercing done.

Does A Septum Piercing Look Good On Big Nose?

The nose size doesn’t matter. What matters is the right piercing you choose. If it would suit you, it wouldn’t how big or small your nose is. 

Septum piercing also has worked as confidence booster for those women who were insecure about their nose size. The septum piercing has showed them how beautiful they really are and there is nothing to be insecure of. 

Is Septum Piercing Vulnerable To Infections?

It is extremely advisable to take care of your piercing after you get it done. Even snot will make you feel irritation when your piercing is fresh. Therefore, it is important to clean and sterile your piercing otherwise an infection can be born. 

How Painful Is Septum Piercings?

Every person has different ability to control and experience pain. Septum piercing can be extremely painful for some or can be not painful for others. however, according to researcher not many people have found septum piercings extremely painful.

This is why they are safe to do. Septum piercings also help bring a change in look. It also can boost your confidence and doesn’t make you feel insecure about the way you look.

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