How Much Are 1996 Yugioh Cards Worth?

Last Updated on May 24, 2022

Yugioh card is one of the widely played cards in its time. It was a golden era when these cards were popular and widely played. The popularity may have declined with time, but the value has gone up as it is one of the best trading cards. 

Collectors love to collect it, while the traders love to trade it when they see a profit. You’ve come to the right place if you are any of them. Here we will discuss how much worth the 1996 Yugioh cards have.


How Much Are 1996 Yugioh Cards Worth?

The 1996 Yugioh cards start at the value of around $50 and can go up to $500 depending on the condition of your card. 

The Yugioh cards trading in 1996, and the 1996 Yugioh card is the first edition you will find. There are many types of 1996 Yugioh cards that you may see from the famous Yugioh anime that is favorite of many Americans.

Like Pokémon cards, there are different types of avatars and characters available in the Yugioh cards with different worth.

YU-GI-OH! TCG: Kaiba Collectors Box

Which Yugioh Card Is The Most Valuable?

Every card in the Yugioh cards series has a different value due to its availability and condition. However, over the past years, the value of Yugioh cards has increased. 

The most valuable card you will find in the Yugioh cards is the Cyber-stein, but that may not be available in the 1996 series. But you will belucky if you find one. 

Why Is 1996 Yugioh Cards Recorded A Low Value?

The 1996 Yugioh card was the first-ever edition that came out. Unfortunately, when they came out, they weren’t popular enough as the Pokémon cards were ruling the industry. 

No doubt Pokémon cards are still ruling the trading industry, but the Yugioh cards have made their position even being in such a tough competition. 

The Yugioh Card of 1996 has a comparatively low value due to high availability. 

Are There Any Grades Awarded to Yugioh Cards?

Every trading card has its grade. The grade is a very important factor that helps determine the card’s price. Not only cards but collectible coins do have grades awarded to them. 

The Yugioh cards do have grades assigned to them, but the grade in the Yugioh cards doesn’t matter due to high availability. 

Where Can I Sell My Yugioh Cards?

Many people want to add Yugioh cards to their collection, and you can contact them and get a good price for your card. However, the easiest and best way is to sell online through eBay. 

Due to many people bidding on the same card, you can get a high price for your card. However, advertise that your card is up for sale to attract a large audience. 

Are Yugioh Cards Still Made?

The Yugioh anime may have ended a time ago, but the popularity remains. The Yugioh cards are still made in Asia to keep the legacy of the anime alive.

For Asians, it doesn’t matter if the value may go down due to high availability, but the main purpose is to keep the spirit of the anime alive in the heart of every fan. 

How To Identify A First Edition Yugioh Card?

It is important to know how you could identify a 1996 first edition Yugioh card. This would help you easily identify the card when you see one in a bundle of many cards.

The fastest and the best way to identify a 1996 first edition card is through the eye of Anubis. There is a holographic square printed in the bottom right of every card. If the holographic square is gold-colored, it is undoubtedly a 1996 card. 

On the other hand, if it is silver in color, then it is of any other series. 

How Much Is A Limited Edition Yugioh Card Worth?

Yes, there is a limited edition series that you can find in the 1996 Yugioh cards. The limited-edition does have a higher value than the regular 1996 Yugioh cards. 

The average price of the limited edition Yugioh card is around $271. However, the price can go up to a high of $969 and a low of $83. 

The price of the limited edition card depends on the condition and the character it represents. It would be best if you had a limited card in your collection. The value may go up with time, and if you trade them, you can sell them at a good profit margin. 

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