Top 10 Most Valuable Yu-Gi-Oh Cards of All Time!

Yu-Gi-Oh is a card game unlike anything else in the market, it has managed to build intricate lore surrounding the various monsters it has. The joy of dueling with your friends never goes away even after 2 decades of Yu-Gi-Oh’s existence. Over the decades Yu-Gi-Oh has managed to create some truly great cards, some of … Read more

5 Most Valuable Dark Magician Cards

The Dark Magician is a card that every Yu-Gi-oh fan knows. The card was used by the anime’s protagonist, Yugi Moto himself; this alone makes the card very collectible in its own right. Just like other Yu-Gi-oh cards, when you add rarity to this card and give it an excellent illustration along with awesome features, … Read more

What Football Cards Are Worth Money?

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How Much Is A Rainbow Charizard Worth? (Answered)

Charizard is one of the most popular Pokémon cards that people love to collect. It is a dream of every Pokémon card collector to have a Charizard in their collection. But, if it is a rainbow Charizard, the game is on the next level.  Charizard is a powerful and most popular card. You’ve come to … Read more

How Much Is Flying Pikachu Worth?

Pikachu is a famous character from the Pokémon card series. Some of the cards of this character are also rare. This is why many people purchase them as collectibles. If you also collect such cards, you must be wondering about the flying Pikachu’s worth. So here is what you need to know about it. How … Read more

How Much Are 1996 Yugioh Cards Worth?

Yugioh card is one of the widely played cards in its time. It was a golden era when these cards were popular and widely played. The popularity may have declined with time, but the value has gone up as it is one of the best trading cards.  Collectors love to collect it, while the traders … Read more

How Much Is A Mewtwo GX Worth?

Pokémon cards have been famous for many years because of their rarity and importance. Some special types are known for dealing serious damage to opponents. If you collect such cards, you’re in the right place. The Mewtwo GX is an important card as it does 30 damage times the energy amount of the card. Understanding … Read more

How Much Is 1995 Pikachu Card Worth?

The Media Factory in Japan first established the Pokemon trading game in 1966, and ever since then, it has become incredibly popular. You will find trading cards, movies, an animation game, and much more. However, the company highly focuses on trading cards.  For the past two decades, the company has been releasing many promotional cards … Read more

How Much Is A Suicune Pokemon Card Worth? (Answered)

Who would have thought that Pokemon cards would be worth anything? But, that is how it is now, as their worth has gone up ever since they became rare. Of course, if you have rare cards from the Pokemon collection in mint condition, they can be worth more than a thousand dollars.  So, if you … Read more

How Much Is Zacian V Worth? (Pokemon Card Value)

The V series of the Pokémon are stronger than other regular cards. The V series, such as Zacian V, holds special powers and higher hit points than other cards. There are many other perks of using Zacian V during your Pokémon game. Collecting a Pokemon card for its uniqueness and value is another perk you … Read more