How Much Is A Mewtwo GX Worth?

Last Updated on May 24, 2022

Pokémon cards have been famous for many years because of their rarity and importance. Some special types are known for dealing serious damage to opponents. If you collect such cards, you’re in the right place.

The Mewtwo GX is an important card as it does 30 damage times the energy amount of the card. Understanding its worth will allow you to know how much money you need to buy it. So here’s a complete guide to help you.


How Much Is A Mewtwo GX Worth?

As of May 2022, the Mewtwo GX is worth $8.99 in an ungraded condition. These cards have not been examined by an expert, so they have a relatively low value. Meanwhile, the same card with grade 8 is worth about $22.80. This is the starting grade of basic Mewtwo GX, so you won’t find cards of grade 7 or lower value.

The Mewtwo GX also comes in grade 9 options and are worth $25 in this condition. However, the most valuable type of this Pokémon card comes in PSA 10 grading. You can get such an item for about $54.43 from the current market.

Mewtwo GX - 39/73 - Ultra Rare

What’s The Difference Between Graded And Ungraded Mewtwo GX?

A primary feature of graded Mewtwo GX is that this card has been carefully examined and authenticated by an expert. The individual also assigns a specific grade to the card for determining the value. A higher grading means that the Mewtwo GX will have a higher worth.

Meanwhile, ungraded cards have not been examined or authenticated. So you will have to rely on the seller’s word about its condition. This is why such Mewtwo GX are worth only a few dollars. Many people on a tight budget purchase ungraded cards.

How Much Is A Mewtwo GX (Full Art Worth)?

The full art Mewtwo GX is a rare variant that is released within the original set. This is why it is worth about $8.95 in ungraded condition and $19 in grade 7 state. The card also comes in grade 8 condition and has a value of $19.43.

You can also buy grade 8 full art Mewtwo GX for $24.98 from a reliable seller. The most expensive form of this card comes in PSA 10 grading. Such Mewtwo GX has a minimum worth of $70 on the market. Every week, at least two cards in this grading are sold.

How Much Is A Mewtwo GX Rainbow Rare Worth?

A Rainbow Rare card in Pokémon holds high importance because it can deal great damage to the opponent. The Mewtwo GX in this form has a worth of $54 in ungraded condition. Meanwhile, grade 7 cards have a value of $48, but these are rare, and usually, one piece is sold per year.

Grade 8 Mewtwo GX Rainbow Rare are more common and worth $59.99. You can also buy grade 9 cards for $84.70 or more. This type also comes in BGS 9.5 condition and is worth $93. The PSA 10 is the most expensive form of this card and requires you to pay $200.49 or more.

How Much Is A Mewtwo GX Worth 31/68?

The 31/68 Mewtwo GX cards are cheaper than other types of this series. You can buy an ungraded form of this card for $3.69. The grade 7 condition will require you to have at least $15.02. Meanwhile, you can purchase a grade 9 card for $19.75.

This card also comes in grade 9 condition with a value of $22. At least one piece of this state is sold every day. The BGS 9.5 is a rare form of this series and is worth $33. Meanwhile, the PSA 10 is relatively common, so it has a low value of $34.88.

How Much Is A Mewtwo GX Worth 2019?

The Mewtwo GX 2019 was a minted card in excellent condition. This is why it is worth at least $88. You can find this type on the eBay auction house for purchase. Remember that this value is for a PSA 10 graded card.

If you encounter another graded variety of this card, you can expect it to have a value lower than $88. The price fluctuates, so quoting the actual price is tough. Besides that, the 31/68 Mewtwo GX 2019 card is worth $50 on the eBay auction house. This value is also for PSA 10 condition.

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