How Much is 1904 Penny Worth?

Last Updated on May 24, 2022

1904 saw the production of 61,328,015 Indian head pennies at the Philadelphia mint. This demonstrates how widely circulated this currency was. But the most challenging part is going to be finding it in pristine condition. Depending on its condition and the seller, the price of a used penny can range anywhere from two dollars to thirty dollars.

However, exceptional coins that have never been used can fetch prices in the hundreds of dollars when they are put up for sale. The condition of a 1904 Indian Head penny, as well as whether or not you have the entire collection or just one piece, both have a role in determining the coin’s worth.


How Much is 1904 Penny Worth?

An uncirculated 1904 Head penny can be worth anywhere from $20 to $40, depending on how good the coin is and which dealer you buy it from. On the other hand, a perfect copy of the same coin that is still in circulation costs about $5. Surprisingly, when this coin is in good shape, it can often be sold for several thousand dollars. For example, a group of eight scarce 1904 Indian head pennies got a grade of “MS 67 Red” from the Professional Coin Grading Service.

What is the value of the 1904 penny?

The condition is the most critical consideration if you want to know how much your 1904 penny is worth. It is more valuable to have a 1904 Indian head penny with the original design’s more delicate details than one without. It is awarded a “grade” based on examining the various degrees of wear on the surfaces.

Is there a mint mark on the 1904 penny?

Due to the fact that the penny was produced for the first time in 1904 at the Philadelphia Mint, it does not have a mintmark. There were a total of 61,328,015 coins produced at the Philadelphia Mint in the year 1904. Proof versions were struck on just 1,817 of these coins. When measured against the previous year’s total, that was only a marginal decrease. As a result, the Indian head penny from 1904 did not stand out compared to the other coins in the collection.

Does the 1904 penny any different from its collection?

The value of your 1904 Indian head penny has risen as a result of rising demand from coin collectors. As a result, it’s in great demand. The absence of difference between the 1904 Indian head coin and the rest of the collection may be due to the supply and demand ratio. Unless the item is extraordinarily well-preserved, you generally won’t obtain a lot of money for it if it has been damaged in this way.

How is the 1904 penny graded?

In the case of an Indian head penny, its worth is determined by its condition. Close inspection by a skilled professional can reveal defects in even the most well-preserved specimen. There aren’t any apparent blemishes on this coin. Although the original hue may have faded, the luster is still present The quality of the effort required to get a higher grade increases. 

The design of this money, which was only in circulation for a brief period of time, has remained almost unchanged. The surface of this coin is free of large stains, and all of its key features are visible. There is still a difference in how feathers and a necklace on top feel.

What is the design of the 1904 penny?

Lady Liberty is decked out in pearls and a ribbon with the word “LIBERTY” sewn on it. The meaning of the coin and the stripes on the shield have remained unchanged. Lady Liberty wears a tribal headdress, as can be seen from her hair and forehead. Diamond lines have faded from the coin’s surface, while its hue has altered.

This coin is also marked with the words “UNITED STATES OF AMERICA,” and the year it was minted on its front. Both sides of the coin have a thin diamond-shaped line around the edge.

What is the price of the 1904 penny?

Because of this, collectors place a high value on every United States coin. There are no significant outliers, including the Indian head penny struck in 1904. Coins like this one are highly sought after and may be bought for a reasonable price in a short period of time.

Each Indian head penny from 1904 is roughly 120 years old. The surface of the coin exhibits apparent traces of the passage of time. Still, the state of the coin is also dependent on the number of times it has been circulated, the amount of care you have done with it, and the method employed to maintain it.

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