How Much Is 1995 Pikachu Card Worth?

Last Updated on May 24, 2022

The Media Factory in Japan first established the Pokemon trading game in 1966, and ever since then, it has become incredibly popular. You will find trading cards, movies, an animation game, and much more. However, the company highly focuses on trading cards. 

For the past two decades, the company has been releasing many promotional cards and sets that have a high value. The rarest cards are usually special or first editions. You can use the PSA to grade these cards and their value.

If you are wondering how much is 1995 Pikachu card is worth, you are in the right place. Here is what you must know. 


How Much Is 1995 Pikachu Card Worth?

There were many Pikachu cards in 1995, and all of them have different values. These cards can range anywhere between $9 and $5,600. The latter is the 1995 Pokemon Japanese Topsun Blue Black Pikachu #25, PSA 10 card. The condition and quality of the card determine the value, which is why it comes down to thousands of dollars. 

Besides that, the First Edition Topsun Charizard was also a rare card from first edition printing in 1995. It is worth more than $10,000 because it is rare. That is why it is crucial to know what card it is, its grade, and its rarity. 

Once you understand these factors, it will help you determine the value of these cards. Some of them sell for thousands of dollars, which is why you can invest in them today. 

Pokemon - Pikachu (87) - Base Set 2

What Is A 1995 Pikachu 58 102 Worth?

The 1995 Pikachu 58 102 card’s value depends on its condition, grade, and its rarity. These cards can range from $0.99 to over $2,500. That is why you must understand if you have a card that is almost worthless or has an incredibly high value. 

On the other hand, you can also collect this card if you are looking to expand your collection. These cards have great value and will give you use for a long time to come. You can preserve the condition and sell it later on. 

How Do I Find Out How Much My Pokemon Cards Are Worth?

If you have Pokemon cards lying around and you don’t know their worth, then you can always find that out. For example, you can check the bottom of the card to see how rare it is. If there is a circle at the bottom, it means the card is common. 

If there is a diamond, it means the card is uncommon, while a star represents that a card is rare. Finally, if there is a gold or white star on your Pokemon card, it means the card is the rarest. Besides that, first edition and holographic Pokemon cards are also worth some extra money from the standard Pokemon cards. 

How Can You Tell A Fake Pokemon Card?

Yes, there are fake Pokemon cards as there are some people who might scam you. That is why it is vital to know how to tell fake Pokemon cards, so this doesn’t happen to you. A real Pokemon card will have crisp and clean printing on the front, as the fake cards’ print quality is low. 

Besides that, you can also compare the color of the cards, as the color saturation must be similar. If the card is too dull or too bright, then it means that the Pokemon card you have is fake. You can also look at the text print quality, as that will be incredibly low once you take a proper look at the text. 

Pokemon Jungle 1st Edition Common Card #60/64 Pikachu

How Can I Sell My Pokemon Cards?

If you have many Pokemon cards and you want to sell them now, then you have many options at your disposal. Remember that online platforms are the best places to find buyers as people are always looking for such items to collect. There are a few online platforms where you can decide to sell your Pokemon cards. 

These include Troll and Toad, eBay, Facebook Marketplace, TCGplayer, Card Cavern, Cardmarket, and more. You can also join Pokemon groups on Facebook and post there to find sellers, as such fans are more likely to invest in your Pokemon cards. You must understand the value through online sources before you decide to sell. 

After all, you wouldn’t want to get a lower value than what you deserve. Once you sell the card, you will get the money in no time, and you can use it to collect rarer Pokemon cards

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