How Much Is 2020 National Park Of American Samoa Quarter Worth? (ANSWERED)

Last Updated on March 24, 2022

The 2020 National Park of American Samoa quarter has a copper and nickel composition. However, they have also been minted, which enhances the coin’s worth.

Do you want to know about the 2020 quarter value? If so, here is all the information you need.


How Much Is 2020 National Park Of American Samoa Quarter Worth?

The 2020 quarter value ranges from $0.25 to $1 and varies depending on the condition. However, sometimes you may be able to sell the coin for a higher. The value primarily depends on the state of the dollar, its grading, and its features.

For instance, the clad Samoa quarters have a value of $0.25 in the circulated condition. These coins also sell at a higher price if the grading is high. Typically, the 2020 P and D National Park of American Samoa quarters are worth $0.50 in uncirculated condition.

Besides that, the same coins have a value of $0.75 in the MS 63 grade category. Meanwhile, the quarters with MS 65 grading are worth $1 or more. The good news is that there are other National Park of American Samoa quarters.

The 2020 W quarter value with an MS 63 grading is about $10 in the uncirculated condition. However, you can sell or get it for around $25 if the same coin has an MS 65 grading. The S quarter is worth $2 in the MS 63 and uncirculated condition.

Meanwhile, the 2020 S quarter with MS 65 grading in an uncirculated condition has a $3 value. This coin also comes in a proof set and PR 65 grading. You should remember that its worth is the same as the MS 65 type.

2020 P, D, S American Samoa National Park Quarter Singles Bat Coin in Air Tite Holders - 3 Coin Set Uncirculated

How Rare Is The American Samoa Quarter?

The production of American Samoa quarters was halted in 2020 because of the pandemic. This is why limited coins were made and released in circulation. So the quarters are rare in some regions of the US and may not be available at all places.

Besides that, the W American Samoa quarter is also rare because only 2 million coins were made. They are also primarily used in circulation instead of uncirculated conditions. This means that you will rarely find this type as a collector.

However, you may be able to get the quarters from a reliable bank. Of course, you should remember that you will have to ask for the coins specifically. Not only that, but you must mention the type you want as there are many 2020 National Park quarters.

How Many 2020 National Park Quarters Are There?

The US Mint has released five National Park quarters to signify different locations of the region. You must note that American Samoa is just one of the National quarter categories released in 2020. Of course, this coin has many different types.

You will come across clad quarters and silver proof quarters in the Samoa type. They have also been minted with different marks. For instance, the silver coins have an S mark while the W ones have this letter. These quarters also have different values due to the materials.

Overall, 955,145 American Samoa quarters were made in 2020. The number was supposed to be higher, but the pandemic disrupted the production process. This is why the uncirculated coins of this category are relatively rarer.

Is The 2020 P Bat Quarter Worth Anything?

The P Bat quarter is also known as the 2020 P American Samoa quarter. This coin’s value is $0.56 to $1.14 in the MS+ mint condition. You can also sell the quarter at a greater price if you have a higher grading. 

This quarter is called a Bat quarter because of the figure on the coin. It contains a picture of a Samoan bat mother hanging with her little one. The image represents the hard work this species put in to raise the young bat.

Besides that, there is also a W Bat quarter that you should know about to avoid confusion. This coin is worth more than the P type, and you can sell it for at least $25 if it has an MS 65 grading. You should also remember that the uncirculated 2020 quarter value is higher than the value of the circulated coins.

2020 P, D, S American Samoa National Park Quarter Singles Bat Coin in Air Tite Holders - 3 Coin Set Uncirculated

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