How Much Is A Lane Cedar Chest Worth?

Last Updated on May 24, 2022

Lane Company has created some of the most beautiful and unique cedar chests you will on the market. They are also called hope chests, and they come in various styles. Of course, if you want a cedar chest with a high value or you want to sell the one you already have, then you must understand the worth. 

The worth will determine how much you will get for the cedar chest today. So, if you are wondering how much is a lane cedar chest worth, you are in the right place. Keep reading to find out more. 


How Much Is A Lane Cedar Chest Worth?

There is no set worth for the Lane cedar chest. That is because the value of the chest depends on its style, year, shape, and more. Of course, the oldest cedar chests will have the highest worth. 

These chests begin at $100 and can go up to $700 in their worth. However, most chests have a worth that varies between $200 and $400. There are many online auction sites and shops that sell and value these chests. 

You can find one of these shops, and a professional will let you know what the worth of the chest you are looking to sell or buy is. Once you know the value, you can decide whether you want to opt for the Lane cedar chest or not. 

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How Do You Date A Lane Cedar Chest?

When dating a Lane cedar chest, you must look for the serial number of the cedar chest. For example, you will usually find the serial number at the bottom of the cedar chest. Besides that, some online websites also suggest that you can determine the exact date of a Lane chest. 

You can do this by reversing the three pairs of numbers that comprise the six-digit serial number. When you do that, it will give you the exact date of the Lane cedar chest you are looking to buy or sell. 

Is Lane Cedar Chest Still In Business?

Unfortunately, Lane cedar chest is not in business anymore. The business began in 1912, and the company closed down in 2001. They were in business for almost nine decades, which is why they became incredibly popular for cedar chests. 

All of these chests were manufactured in the United States, and during production time, many styles and varieties were rolled out. People still look for these antique chests to keep in their homes. 

How Can You Tell If a Cedar Chest Is Antique?

One of the best ways to tell if a cedar chest is antique or not is to look at the serial number engraved or stamped somewhere on the chest. The serial number also denotes the date of the chest manufacturing. For example, lane cedar chests have a serial number on the bottom, which will help you determine how antique it is. 

Many people don’t know this, but you are supposed to read the serial number backward. Unfortunately, that means you must read the serial number from right to left to understand how antique the chest is. 

What Style Is Lane Cedar Chest?

If you want to opt for a unique style, Lane cedar chests come in Mid-Century Modern and Modern Danish designs. Besides that, they follow the aesthetic of having angular feet and clean lines. Many people opt for Mid-Century Modern designs because they look good in every home, no matter the style. 

That is because the design has patterned wood stains, and they appear more industrial. Depending on your taste and what you want from your cedar chest, you can select between these two styles and designs. Once you do, it will add an excellent touch to your home and blend well with other furniture pieces. 

How Do You Open A Lane Cedar Chest Without A Key?

You can open the Lane cedar chest without the key by simply removing the lock. That is because some of the lane cedar chests that were built before 1987 have a safety problem, according to users. Such locks on the cedar chest automatically engage when the lid shuts. 

Because of this, your chest can have your valuables trapped inside without you finding a way to open them. If your chest is from before 1987, then the best thing you can do is remove the lock. It will give you peace of mind that your valuables are safe and you don’t have to worry about your important things being stuck inside. 

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