What Football Cards Are Worth Money?

Last Updated on May 24, 2022

Football is perhaps one of the most interesting and valuable sports you will find. The sports franchise is perhaps the largest in the world and is the most frequently watched in the USA. Even the players have memorabilia and collectibles that are worth a lot of money. 

For example, the trend of football cards began in the late 19th century and has been going on until now. Some of the best and biggest players in football have valuable cards that you can buy. So, if you are wondering whether football cards are worth money, you are in the right place. 

Keep reading to find out. 


What Football Cards Are Worth Money?

Football cards are worth money, but that may not be the case with all cards. There are a few factors that help determine the worth of these cards. The first factor that determines the worth of your football card is the condition, which is why football cards in pristine condition will have a high value than other cards. 

A grading system will help you determine which football cards are worth money. Besides that, the year and the featured player also determine the worth of the football card. Older cards are much rarer, and of course, they have a higher value than new ones. 

Besides that, the football cards of popular players also have a high value. Finally, special case cards, such as parallel cards, refractor cards, and autographed cards, will also have a high value. So, you must consider all these important factors to understand what football cards are worth money. 

2021 Panini Score NFL Football HANGER box (60 Cards/Box)

Are Football Cards From The 90s Worth Anything?

There are many football cards from the 90s, but their worth is not much. That is because many of these cards will only be worth a few dollars. This also includes cards of popular players. 

If you want to understand a valuable card from this time, then it will be a rare one with a limited print. Besides that, a football card from this decade featuring a significant player who made an impact on football while being in the NFL will have a higher worth. Of course, the event will also not be too high. 

What Is The Most Expensive Football Card?

The Patrick Mahomes National Treasures Platinum Rookie Card is the most expensive football card you will find today. The price of this football card is more than $4,000,000. Remember that the card is fairly recent too, as it came out in 2017 and is a unique card that has been signed by Panini. 

While the card came out in 2017, it was easily sold in 2021. According to the professional grading system, the card is ranked at 8.5. That is why this card is currently the most expensive football card in the world. 

What Are The Most Valuable Football Cards From The 90s?

There are many valuable football cards you can find in the 90s. These include:

  • 1990 Score Supplemental #101 T Emmitt Smith 
  • 1997 SP Authentic #6 Walter Jones
  • 1993 Ultra #331 Michael Strahan 
  • 1993 SP #6 Jerome Bettis 

Of course, these are just some football cards from the 90s that are worth something. However, you must remember that the worth will vary between each card, and some of them will not have a value of more than a few bucks. That is why it is crucial to do your research and understand the worth of the football card before you decide to buy or sell it. 

How Much Is Joe Montana Rookie Card Worth?

The worth of the Joe Montana Rookie Card in a PSA 10 holder will be at least $15,000 or more. That is why if you are in luck, you can get this card in a less amount, but that is rare. If you are looking for the PSA 9 range, then you can expect to pay a maximum of $900 for the card. 

Joe Montana 1981 Topps Football Rookie Card #216 Graded PSA 5

How Much Is The Tom Brady Playoff Contenders Championship Ticket Card Worth?

The Tom Brady ticket card was signed by the player himself and it was sold in 2021 for more than three million dollars. Of course, everyone knows that Brady is a football legend, which is why it is no surprise that his card was sold at such a high value. The value of the card reflects his status and admiration among the football community and his fans.

The card number is 144 and it was sold during Leland’s Action. The condition of the card was BGS 9. 

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