How Much Is A Rainbow Charizard Worth? (Answered)

Last Updated on May 24, 2022

Charizard is one of the most popular Pokémon cards that people love to collect. It is a dream of every Pokémon card collector to have a Charizard in their collection. But, if it is a rainbow Charizard, the game is on the next level. 

Charizard is a powerful and most popular card. You’ve come to the right place if you have a rainbow Charizard in your collection or want to add it. Here we will talk about how much a rainbow Charizard is worth. 


How Much Is A Rainbow Charizard Worth?

Rainbow Charizard is a GX #150 card with a high value in the open market. It comes in various grades, and every grade has a different value that you can get. 

The ungraded card or the basic one is worth around $267 today. The grade 7 card comes at a value of $293. 

The game changes when it comes to the next grade. The grade 8 rainbow Charizard card is valued at a whopping $365. Of course, as the grade goes up, the value also increases. 

Therefore, the grade 9 Charizard is worth about $545, and the 9.5-grade card is valued at $1,950. Last but not least, the highest grade a Pokémon card achieves is PSA 10. 

The PSA 10 rainbow Charizard is worth a mind-blowing value of $2,433. 

The value at the auction may be a bit different due to many factors. 

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How Much Can Rainbow Charizard Get At An Auction?

Pokémon cards are also auctioned because they are rare and challenging to find. Therefore, the prices of rainbow Charizard are a bit different. However, the bid may start at the price we mentioned above at the auction. 

But due to various bids, the price goes up as everyone wants a single item. Due to the popularity of the rainbow Charizard, everyone wants their hands on that card.

What Has Been The Trend Of The Price?

The price trend analyzes whether the price has been increasing or decreasing over a while. So here we will discuss how the price has changed from January 2021 till now. 

The price of the ungraded rainbow Charizard started at the price of $376 in January 2021. After that, the price started declining a bit and recorded the lowest in August 2021. But then the price started rising and reached $267.

For the grade 7 rainbow Charizard, the price started at $359 and remained consistent in the price range. But after that, the price kept declining but in a small gap. 

The best trend is the grade 8 card, which has been consistent since January 2021. It started at $412 and recorded a small decline. It is now at $365. 

However, the price of grades 9, 9.5, and PSA 10 has been rising because they are of the highest quality and in perfect condition. 

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Is Rainbow Charizard Worth More Than Blue Mega Charizard?

The rainbow and blue mega Charizard cards are great to collect and have in your collection. This is an interesting topic, and many people get confused between these cards due to having a bit the same color. But the rainbow Charizard has various colors on the front. 

Talking about the value, rainbow and blue mega Charizard are worth around the same. But there might be a difference in value in the same grades of these cards due to their condition. Both are amazing to have in your collection. 

How Rare Is Rainbow Charizard?

Pokémon fans love to collect Charizard and do have many in their collection. But the rainbow Charizard might be a bit difficult to find. The rainbow Charizard is rare, and the chances of getting it in any pack are equal to none. 

The rainbow Charizard is one of the rarest Pokémon cards.

What Is The Difference Between Grade 7 and PSA 10?

These are the grades rewarded to Pokémon cards looking at their condition. For example, grade 7 is one of the lowest grades a Pokémon card can be rewarded, while the PSA 10 is the highest grade. 

The Pokémon card with a PSA 10 grade is in a gem mint condition with no mark or damage anywhere. It is the best condition card you may see. 

While the grade 7 Pokémon card might have slight marks on it. 

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