How Much Is Mega Charizard Ex Worth?

Last Updated on July 15, 2023

One of the best collectibles nowadays is trading cards. In the 90s, they were playing cards, but now as time passed, they have become rare and now treated as a collectible.

Having a high value in the market, out of all the trading cards, you are lucky if you get your hands on a mega Charizard ex card.

The Mega Charizard ex card #108 is worth a lot. So please keep reading to know more about it.


How Much Is Mega Charizard Ex Worth?

The Mega Charizard Ex is worth around $1,631, but only for those with a PSA 10 grade. This is because the trading cards are also graded, and each graded card has a different value and worth in the market.

The ungraded Mega Charizard Ex card starts from $114. The Grade 8 card is worth around $176.78 and $$286.25 with a Grade 9 card.

The Charizard is one of the best and high valued Pokémon flash fire trading cards. There are many others are the Charizard series.

Pokemon - Mega-Charizard-EX (13/108) - XY Evolutions - Holo

How Much does Mega Charizard Ex Get At An Auction?

Most of the trading cards in the market are sold at auctions as they are rare, and you can’t find them easily at a pawn shop. Therefore, various platforms hold auctions daily for the Mega Charizard Ex but the ungraded ones.

The Mega Charizard ungraded can go up to $100 maximum. At auctions, there is no price set, so some can be sold for low value, and some can go up at high numbers.

The better the grade, the higher value they are sold at auctions. A Grade 8 Mega Charizard Ex card is sold for up to $200 or sometimes more. On the other hand, the Mega Charizard Ex can go up to $300 if it is a Grade 9 card.

Last but not least, the PSA 10 is the highest grade a trading card can be awarded, and no other grade can match its value. A Mega Charizard Ex card with a PSA 10 is sold for up to $2000 or more at an auction.

What Has Been The Trend Of The Price?

The trend of the price of many trading cards fluctuates throughout the year. Sometimes the prices get high and low. It is essential to understand the price trend to get a better idea.

Let’s discuss the trend from the past month to get a better insight into the market. First, the ungraded Mega Charizard Ex card has been a growth in the price. In addition, the Grade 8 card price has been consistent for the past months.

The Grade 9 card has recorded a jump from February 2022 and has been consistent since March 2022. The PSA 10 card has seen a decline in the price from February 2022 to March 2022. Since then, the price has mostly remained the same.

Pokemon - Mega-Charizard-EX (101/108) - XY Evolutions - Holo

Is A Red Mega Charizard Ex Worth More Than Blue Mega Charizard Ex?

The Mega Charizard Ex card is available in two color variation series, red and blue. Both the color series have a different values in the open market. It is important to understand which series hold a higher value.

In the Mega Charizard Ex series, the blue color cards hold a higher value than the red ones. The blue series are rare. Finding a PSA 10 card of the Mega Charizard Ex blue series is one of the most challenging tasks many collectors face.

How Rare Is Mega Charizard Ex?

Mega Charizard Ex card is one that the collector wants to have. The ungraded cards are easy to get your hands on and sold for a comparatively very low value. The higher the grade, the rarer it is to find.

It is believed that out of every six packs, you can find 1 Mega Charizard Ex card. On the other hand, these can be the ungraded or the lower grade ones. Unfortunately, the PSA 10 is not easily found in the packs of these cards.

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