How Much Is Zacian V Worth? (Pokemon Card Value)

Last Updated on April 20, 2022

The V series of the Pokémon are stronger than other regular cards. The V series, such as Zacian V, holds special powers and higher hit points than other cards. There are many other perks of using Zacian V during your Pokémon game.

Collecting a Pokemon card for its uniqueness and value is another perk you can enjoy nowadays. Due to these cards’ increasing demand and popularity, they are worth a lot and are sold daily.

If you are looking to collect or sell a Zacian V, this guide will help you understand the market and the value of these cards. One question that hits your head is mentioned below.


How Much Is Zacian V Worth?

The Dacian V Pokémon Sword & Shield ungraded card is worth $2.25. In addition, a grade 9 card at the same time is worth around $12.76. The highest car of these Pokémon cards is PSA 10, and the Zacian V of this grade is worth about $27.50.

The price of Pokémon cards keeps changing daily. However, the change is not much and doesn’t affect the card’s value much.

Pokemon Zacian V Promo Card SWSH018 Sold by Dan123yal Toys+

Where Can I Find A Zacian V Card?

If you are looking to get your hands on Zacian V cards, the best place would be looking at online platforms. Due to the increasing demand for these cards, the number of platforms is increasing where you can easily find a Zacian V card.

Either they will be up for sale, or an auction may be going on. You can be a part of the auction and register your bid. If it is the highest bid, you will be lucky enough to get and win the card.

Pawnshops or comic book stores are also places to get what you are looking for. However, before buying from such places, know how to identify a real Zacian V card. It is the best way to save you from a con.

What Has Been The Trend of the Price of Zacian V?

The Dacian V card is only available in three grades in the market. So let’s start with the price trend of the ungraded Zacian V.

At the start of 2021, the ungraded Zacian V recorded the highest value of $52.38. After this record high price, it just kept on coming down. From $52.38 now, the price is $2.25. There are so many factors that play a vital role in fluctuating the prices of these cards.

The grade 9 Zacian V was introduced for about $61. The price of the ungraded one kept declining. However, here for the grade 9 card, we have seen a lot of fluctuation. Every month the price kept on changing to higher or lower.

You may be shocked after hearing the introductory price of the Zacian V card with a PSA 10 grade. It started at $191.76 in January 2021. The price trend was consistent at around $170 until mid-2021, but it declined. So starting at $191.76, the PSA 10 Zacian V is now worth only $27.49.

What Are The Factors That Play A Role In The Price Change?

Be it any collectible, and the prices change due to various factors. For Pokémon cards, it is important to understand these factors as it would help you determine a time when you should sell or buy yours.

Demand for these cards is one of the most important factors that change the price. As soon as the demand increases for these cards, the price also increases. When the demand increases, the prices go up, and a collector never hesitates to buy at a high price if they are passionate about it.

The rareness of the card is another important factor. However, the rareness of the card may keep the price high and consistent as the cards are available in very limited numbers.

Can Power of The Card Be A Factor For A Higher Price?

Every Pokémon has different power and abilities. But these can only be used if you are playing the game can’t be factor to charge a higher price.

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