Shared Prong vs Pave Setting

Last Updated on July 25, 2022

Beautiful and popular, shared prong and pave settings deliver dazzling brilliance and sparkle. 

But what separates shared prong settings from pave settings and which is right for you?

Here’s a look at the primary difference between each setting and what makes a shared prong and pave setting unique.

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What’s a Shared Prong Setting?

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A shared prong setting is a popular setting style that utilizes space along the ring shank to showcase additional stones.

Shared prong settings utilize metal prongs to secure stones along the ring shank. The prongs firmly secure adjacent stones using a single prong and showcase the individual brilliance of each stone.

Why Choose a Shared Prong Setting?

Shared prong settings offer incredible security and are a popular choice for individuals who are interested in securing large stones.

Shared prong settings utilize multiple metal prongs to raise the table of stones along the ring shank. In doing so, a shared prong setting effectively maximizes the amount of light entering and exiting the stone, increasing the overall brilliance. 

Shared Prong Setting Shapes

Shared prong settings are versatile and come in a variety of popular shapes, including:

  • V-Shape
  • Rounded
  • Flat-tab

All shared prong setting options feature a rounded sphere shape that secures stones by gently resting on the top of the stoneface.

Benefits of Choosing a Shared Prong Setting

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Shared prong settings are a wonderful way to showcase the brilliance of multiple stones. Because shared prong settings feature multiple rounded mental prongs, they offer incredible security and are much less likely to bend or loosen.

Shared prong settings are perfect for securing larger stones and allow each individual stone to stand out and showcase its unique beauty. 

Shared prong settings are also easy to repair and remove the hassle and worry that often comes along with prong repairs and upkeep. 

Considerations For Shared Prong Settings

While a shared prong setting is a popular option, there are a few things to consider before choosing a shared prong setting.

First, there is less variety available for shared prong settings compared to other setting options. 

Secondly, shared prong settings can only accommodate a single band of stones. Individuals who are interested in creating an intricate look will be better served with alternative setting options. 

What Is a Pave Setting?

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A pave setting is a popular ring setting that secures small diamonds using small beads or mini prongs. Pave settings are perfect for smaller carat stones and do a fantastic job of adding additional sparkle without distracting from the center stone.

Pave settings utilize small diamonds to embellish the ring shank and effectively increase sparkle. Additionally, pave settings can be applied to thinner bands in the form of micro-pave.

Because pave settings can be set in a variety of ways, many diamond cuts can be used within a pave setting, including princess and emerald cuts. 

Why Choose a Pave Setting

Pave settings are some of the most brilliant, versatile, and unique settings available. A pave setting pairs well with shanks of all thicknesses and allows individuals to create a truly unique and stunning ring.

Because pave settings utilize small beads to secure stones, the brilliance of each stone remains unobstructed. Additionally, the use of multiple small stones enhances the center stone and increases the sparkle throughout the ring.

Types of Pave Settings

Pave settings offer an incredible amount of variety, with style options including:

  • Micro-pave
  • V-Cut pave
  • U-Cut pave
  • Petite pave 

Each type of pave setting secures diamonds with either small cutouts or metal balls.

Benefits of Choosing a Pave Setting

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Pave settings offer a wide range of benefits and are an excellent choice for thick and thin ring shanks. Pave settings allow for multiple rows of embellishments on thicker bands and can be carried along the entire shank.

Pave settings also utilize small metal beads to secure individual stones, which reduces stone obstruction while increasing brilliance.

Pave settings can embellish the ring shank, halo, or both to deliver a breathtakingly beautiful final product.

Considerations for Pave Settings 

While popular, pave settings may not be the right choice for everyone.

Individuals who select a pave setting and a thicker ring shank may find the setting uncomfortable. This is because more metal is required depending on the stone count, which may increase discomfort.

Because pave settings use small stones to embellish the ring shank, stones tend to blend together and don’t individually stand out. Additionally, a pave setting requires extensive repair work, making it a challenging item to repair. 

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