VRAI Jewelry Review for 2022 – A Great Resource for Lab-Grown Diamonds

Last Updated on December 29, 2023

True love is a dream, but finding the right engagement ring can be a nightmare.

No matter how you look at it, shopping for that perfect piece is a daunting task.

Luckily, there are online diamond services that help you find exactly what you’re looking for without all the hassle.

VRAI is one of those services.


What is VRAI?

VRAI is an online marketplace that sells classic, simple, timeless jewelry, with diamonds being their most popular pieces.

VRAI sells lab-grown diamonds with a focus on being 100% carbon neutral and creating a sustainable way to design, create, and sell diamonds.

VRAI engagement rings review

VRAI sells hundreds of different quality diamond engagement rings. With a sophisticated, user-friendly website, VRAI allows shoppers to search their inventory on a variety of different parameters.

VRAI’s entire site catalog is set up so that customers can have a visually pleasing, inspiring experience.

Shoppers can sort the results on four factors: bestsellers, featured, price: high to low, and price: low to high.

This sorting feature allows shoppers to see what rings are the most popular or desirable, giving them ideas of what rings they might like.

The pricing feature allows shoppers to easily find either the most affordable or most expensive options, depending on the size of their wallets.

VRAI provides quality band metals to ensure that your ring will last as long as possible. Customers can choose platinum, yellow gold, white gold, or rose gold to accompany their quality diamond.

They even have a top twenty engagement rings section, so shoppers can get ideas and inspiration from what’s currently the most in-demand.

Customers can even browse listings by each specific style, allowing them to find the ring that perfectly matches their personal taste.

VRAI diamonds review

VRAI sells quality, sustainable, lab-created diamonds that are sure to meet any taste or preference.

VRAI offers a variety of diamond shapes, including everything from round brilliant to marquise to pear to Asscher.

With regard to style, VRAI offers a number of classic, timeless ring styles, including solitaire, cathedral, three-stone, halo, and vintage-inspired.

Since VRAI designs, creates, and grows their own diamonds, they have an incredibly high standard of quality for their creations.

VRAI diamonds are 100% sustainable and carbon-neutral, so shoppers can get their perfect ring without worrying about the environmental impact of diamond mining.

Why are VRAI diamonds so cheap?

VRAI diamonds are usually cheap because the company only sells lab-grown diamonds.

Lab-grown diamonds are up to 50 times easier to source and produce than real diamonds, which allows VRAI to offer their extremely competitive prices.

Frequently asked questions about VRAI Jewelry

Below you’d find our answers to the most commonly asked questions regarding VRAI and its jewelry products:

Is VRAI jewelry legit?

Yes, VRAI jewelry is legit. VRAI is in association with the Diamond Foundry, one of the biggest lab-created diamond companies in the country. Plus, with over 5,000 customer reviews and 4.8 out of 5 stars, VRAI is known for satisfying thousands of customers.

Does VRAI use real diamonds?

Yes, VRAI uses real diamonds. Using resources derived from the American Pacific west, VRAI diamonds are grown with the environment in mind: they produce zero emissions and 100% solar power.

Certain elements of the diamond industry have caused undeniable environmental and human rights strife. With VRAI, all the diamonds are grown and created completely cruelty-free, so you can enjoy clean, fair conflict-free diamonds.

Is VRAI GIA-certified?

Yes, VRAI diamonds are graded by GIA-certified gemologists. A GIA certificate is essentially a document that details the color, cut, clarity, and carat weight of each individual diamond. These factors can affect the quality, look, and overall price of the diamond. Since VRAI’s diamonds are created in a lab, they have the technical advantage of designing diamonds of exceptional quality.

Who owns VRAI Jewelry?

VRAI Jewelry is owned and operated by Vanessa Stofenmacher. As the founder and head creative director of VRAI, Vanessa essentially defines her vision for VRAI and develops the best team possible to achieve that vision. She has led VRAI to its current success and continues to define the brand.

Does VRAI offer custom jewelry designs?

Yes, VRAI offers custom jewelry designs. All you have to do is book an appointment or fill out a Custom Jewelry Form at your leisure. After that, a diamond expert and the VRAI team will help you find the perfect diamond to complete your vision. However, it’s important to note that all custom jewelry design sales are final.

Does VRAI do ring engravings?

Yes, VRAI offers ring engravings. VRAI wants to give you the option to customize your ring, so for a $60 fee, VRAI will engrave any message of up to 25 characters, spaces included.

How do I identify my ring size for VRAI?

VRAI offers a complimentary ring sizer that customers are welcome to use at home. Additionally, ring conversion charts are located on the product detail page of each individual ring listing. However, VRAI acknowledges that the most accurate way to find your ring size is by going to a local jeweler.

Does VRAI offer virtual appointments?

Yes, VRAI offers free virtual appointments to any customer who wants to speak to an expert before taking the plunge and buying a diamond ring. Appointments are absolutely, 100% free and easy to schedule.

Is VRAI jewelry insured?

Yes, VRAI jewelry is insured by the Jewelers Mutual Insurance Group. They offer repairs and replacement jewelry on VRAI purchases. If your jewelry gets lost, damaged, or stolen, Jewelers Mutual can get you all set. Just be sure to ensure your purchase through VRAI when you pay.

Does VRAI offer jewelry appraisals?

Yes, VRAI happily appraises loose diamond or jewelry purchases from the site. This service is only offered to diamonds .25ct and above and is only available to the original diamond purchaser.

Am I able to speak to a VRAI representative over the phone?

No, VRAI representatives do not answer inquiries over the phone. However, you can reach out to representatives through email and live chat, with responses usually happening within one business day.

Does VRAI have a return policy?

Yes, VRAI has a return policy. VRAI accepts made-to-order jewelry, in-stock jewelry, engagement rings, and wedding rings within 30 days of delivery. Engraved items can be returned; however, the engraving fee will not be refunded. Each customer is allowed to return their first engagement ring, but every ring purchase after the first one is final.

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