Who Owns James Allen? (History Unfold)

Last Updated on August 10, 2022

Shopping for an engagement ring may be scary, which is why James Allen employs spinning pictures and virtual-try on capabilities to make it easier. These highly-used elements have assisted more than 150,000 customers in purchasing a ring since the business’s founding.

But how much do you really know about James Allen? Do you have any idea what the company is about and who owns it?

Well, time to find out!


Who Owns James Allen?

Signet owns James Allen, having acquired them in 2017. The same parent company runs both Jared and James Allen.

The two firms have collaborated to create in-store displays for James Allen, but Jared does not own them. However, the most significant distinction is that while James Allan is mostly online, Jared is a traditional brick and mortar store.

Signet Jewelers is a global jewelry company with a long history. They own not only Jared and James Allen, but several other stores as well. Signet places a high value on offering top-notch jewelry and providing an excellent client experience. They feel that jewelry is an excellent way to show love.

The second-largest engagement ring seller among the 24 jewelry businesses tracked by Internet Retailer is Signet, which increased online sales 12.0% year over year in 2018. When including the others, 42 total jewelry merchants (including the 24 engagement ring vendors) are tracked by Internet Retailer, and Signet Jewelers still comes in second.

The 42 jewelry shops generated more than $5 billion worth of internet purchases last year. This represented 15.4 percent of overall retail sales in the jewelry industry, up from 14.6% ecommerce penetration in 2017.

Where Is James Allen Based?

The corporate headquarters of James Allen are located in the New York diamond district.

Is James Allen a Reputable Company?

If you want good value for money, then James Allen is a decent online diamond dealer. It provides a wide variety of diamonds at reasonable costs.

All diamonds are accompanied by 360-degree films and are certified as genuine. You may also contact jewelry professionals 24 hours a day, seven days a week to ask any questions.

Is James Allen ethical?

Diamond and gemstone offices all over the world collaborate with James Allen to provide their customers with hundreds of thousands of loose stone options. The firm is committed to ethical sourcing, requiring all partners to comply with rigorous ethical standards, including the Kimberly Process.

How Long Does It Take To Get a Ring From James Allen?

Loose diamonds are sent 1-4 days after payment to allow for gemological examination. Depending on the manufacturing timetable of the item, all other jewelry and engagement rings will be delivered in one to three weeks.

How Many Diamonds Does James Allen Have?

James Allen sells over 500,000 diamonds at the moment, with the overwhelming majority coming from natural sources. They’re all GIA, IGI, or AGS-graded gems, so you know you’re getting a diamond that’s been verified to be of good quality. It’s up to you and your spending plan how excellent it is.

James Allen History

James Allen’s story began in 1998, when DirtCheapDiamonds was a small online store. It was founded by James Schultz and his spouse Michele Sigler with the objective of offering consumers more alternatives at lower prices. It became one of the first effective internet diamond merchants.

In 2005, the firm was renamed JamesAllen.com after being rebranded in 2004. It has a more professional appearance with increased attention on quality and design. It was one of the first websites to provide real-time 360-degree views of diamond stones.

In 2017, Signet Jewelers acquired James Allen, which is still run by the founding family. However, they continue to provide inexpensive and competitive internet pricing.

At much lower prices than the competition, James Allen provides great quality rings of exceptional quality. Every diamond is GIA, AGS, or IGI graded. So you may rest assured that you’re receiving the genuine article.

James Allen isn’t necessarily a bespoke jeweler; they sell all types of high-quality diamonds at reasonable costs. If you’re searching for really high-quality stones, it has a TrueHearts collection of meticulously cut diamonds that are a little more expensive.

Does James Allen Allow Returns?

Every item the business sells is backed by a money-back guarantee that they want you to be completely thrilled with your purchase. If you are dissatisfied with an item, you have 30 days to return it in its original, unworn state for a full refund or exchange – no questions asked.

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