How Much Is a 1947 Quarter worth? (+Value Chart)

Last Updated on August 29, 2022

Belonging to the Washington quarter series, the 1947 quarter holds a special place in US mintage.

Additionally, the 1947 quarter also holds a good numismatic value compared to other coins.

Therefore, it is a worthy coin to be a part of your collection. 

With time the value will increase gradually, and it is a perfect time to get your hands on such a valuable coin.

First, however, learn everything from this guide before buying the 1947 quarter. 

1947 D Washington Quarter G Good 90% Silver 25c US Coin Collectible


How Much Is 1947 Quarter Worth?

The 1947 dime produced in the mint of Philadelphia holds a value of around $5.32, from good to very fine condition. In extremely fine conditions, the value can increase slightly to $5.94.

However, the game changes for the quarter’s value in uncirculated conditions. The value of the uncirculated condition 1947 dime, with MS60 grade, can be seen at around $10.

For the MS65 graded dime, the value is around $55. The dimes produced in San Francisco and Denver are worth around $5.32, from good to very fine condition.

The extremely fine is valued at about $5.32. For uncirculated conditions with an MS60 grade, the dime holds a value of around $10.

The MS65 graded 1947 dime is for around $46. 

Coin Type Good Very Good Very Fine Extremely Fine Uncirculated MS60 Uncirculated MS65
1947 Quarter $5.32 $5.32 $5.32 $5.94 $10 $55
1947 S Quarter $5.32 $5.32 $5.32 $6 $10 $46
1947 D Quarter $5.32 $5.32 $5.32 $6 $10 $46


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How Long Is The Washington Quarter Series Going On For?

The Washington quarter series is one of the longest ones in US history. Every year quarter of this series holds a very special place and is unique. 

The series started in 1932 being produced in all three mints. The Washington series has been going on since 1932 till now.

There has been no year except 1933 when the Washington quarters weren’t produced. The main difference between all the quarters belonging to this series is the design on the reverse side.

The obverse side has remained the same for every year; only the year engraved has changed. However, after 1965, the metal composition of the Washington quarters was also changed to clad composition. 

What Is The Difference Between All The Variants of the 1947 Quarter?

1947 D Washington Quarter G Good 90% Silver 25c US Coin Collectible

The quarters belong to the same year, so that is why there are no such major differences that you need to know about. But yes, there is a slight difference between the values of each variant.

However, the difference is minor to be noticed. Other than that, there are different mintmarks on each variant.

But the quarters produced in Philadelphia don’t have any mintmark present. The quarters produced in San Francisco have an S mintmark, whereas the D mintmark is seen on the quarters minted in Denver. 

What Is The Metal Composition Of the 1947 Quarter?

The metal composition comprises all the elements that come together to produce the 1947 quarter. The main base for the composition of the 1947 quarter is silver, as the coin contains 90% of it.

The remaining 10% is filled with copper. When you are aware of the metal composition, it will help you verify the quarter and ensure that it is original.

Other than that, many people like to know the composition to estimate the melt value that can be gained. 

What Is The Melt Value of the 1947 Quarter?

The melt value of the 1947 quarter is $3.51 per coin. People extract the melt value when the coin is in bad condition and is not worth enough in the collectors market. 

However, it doesn’t matter what condition the coin is in for melt value. That is why for bad condition quarters, it is a better option to extract the silver and sell the bullions made from it. 

This will get them a better value compared to the other market value in the form of a quarter. 

How Many Were 1947 Quarters Produced In Each Mint?

1947 Washington Quarter BU Uncirculated Mint State 90% Silver 25c US Coin

Each mint used to work in its capacity, which is why quantities differ for every mint. That is why it is important to know how many quarters each mint is produced. 

The mint of Philadelphia produced around 22,556,000 quarters in 1947. In addition, there were around 15,338,400 quarters made by the mint in Denver.

Lastly, the mint present in San Francisco produced about 5,532,000 quarters in 1947. Due to such a high quantity, there are more chances you will get your hands on the quarters with no mintmark.

It is also a great variant of the 1947 quarter in your collection. 

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