How Much Is A 1947 Penny Worth?

Last Updated on October 2, 2022

The 1947 penny is also known as the 1947 wheat penny, and many coin collectors desire it.

The need behind this long-lasting desire is because this coin is part of US history, and this coin presents an image of the most beloved President of the United States. 

If you are wondering how much this coin is worth, here is my full answer.

1947 P D S Lincoln Wheat Penny Cent PDS set Penny Seller Very Fine


How Much Is A 1947 Penny Worth?

The 1947 penny is not worth much, as the Philadelphia mint produced more than 190,000,000 of these coins.

If you find this coin in very fine condition, it will only be worth $0.1. In extra fine condition, the coin will be worth $0.2. 

On the other hand, if you find this penny in MS60 grade, it will be worth $1. In MS65 grade, the coin will be worth $3. Remember these are just estimates and the value of the coin will be around these numbers. 

You can easily find the 1947 penny without a mintmark for less than a dollar. However, the uncirculated coins are relatively rare and you can sell them for between $3 and $20. 

How Much Is A 1947 S Penny Worth?

1947 P Lincoln Wheat Penny Good

The 1947 S penny was minted in San Francisco, and even its value is not too high. For example, in good condition, the penny will be worth $0.03. If the condition is fine, it will be worth $0.02 and if the condition is extra fine, it will be worth $0.04. 

Of course, the uncirculated condition will give you the highest value. However, you shouldn’t expect to make a fortune on this penny. If you find this penny in uncirculated conditions, it will be worth more than $3. 

How Much Is A 1947 D Penny Worth?

The 1947 S penny was minted in Denver, and the value can vary depending on the condition. In very fine condition, the coin will be worth $0.05. If the condition is extra fine, the coin will be worth $0.2. 

However, the coin will be worth its highest in uncirculated conditions and a high grade. For example, the penny is worth more than $16 in MS65 condition. The MS67 condition will offer you the highest value, as this penny will easily be worth more than four hundred dollars. 

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What Is The Value Of The 1947 Proof Penny?

Unfortunately, the US Mint did not produce any proof pennies during this year. That is because the production of proof pennies was halted between 1943 and 1949. Instead, the US Mint was focusing on circulating important coinage and striking war medals. 

The US soldiers were constantly returning from the war and the mint had to produce medals in their honor. So, the resources being used for proof coin production had been shifted to medal production. You will not find any proof coins between these six years. 

How Many 1947 Pennies Did The US Mint Produce?

1947 P Lincoln Wheat Penny Good

Millions of 1947 pennies were produced as it is the lowest denomination. The Philadelphia mint created more than 190,500,000 of these coins. The Denver mint created more than 194,700,000 of these coins. 

Finally, the San Francisco minting facility had the lowest mintage. That is because the minting facility created more than 99,000,000 of these coins. When you combine all of these figures, you will find that the US Mint created more than 484,300,000 of these pennies. 

That is why the value is not too high. These pennies were produced in high numbers and you can easily find one in average condition. 

Is There A Valuable 1947 Penny?

There are valuable pennies in many years, and one of the 1947 pennies has been sold for thousand dollars. For example, more than $9,000 was paid in 2002 for an MS67 condition of this penny. That is because the penny still had the red copper color and it was certified by PCGS. 

The most valuable coins are ones that come in the grade of MS70. However, we don’t know any 1947 pennies that are present in this grade, as they were always in circulation. Till now, you can find it in MS65 or 67 conditions and get a decent sum for it. 

Even if you don’t want to make a fortune, you can add the 1947 penny to your collection. It looks great and it will be a fantastic addition to your collection in no time. Just be sure to find it in a high grade and great condition to enhance your collection. 

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