How Much Is 1986 Silver Dollar Worth? (ANSWERED)

Last Updated on April 7, 2022

The American Eagle Program was approved under the Bullion Coin Act of 1986. These 1986 American silver eagle coins have 0.9999 fine silver. Besides that, it is the only silver coin you will find in the American Eagle series. 

If you want to know more about the 1986 silver dollar value, you are in the right place. Here is everything you need to know about the worth of this coin.


How Much Is 1986 Silver Dollar Worth?

The coin’s value, regardless of the condition it is in, will be worth its weight in silver at least. The spot price of silver is more than $24/ounce. That is why the current melt value of the 1986 silver dollar is also more than $24.

You will find that the 1986 silver dollar value with no mint mark is around $50 in the uncirculated condition. On the other hand, the 1986 S-proof silver dollar is worth more than $55. The worth of this coin is only if the coin is in proof condition. The silver content in the coin does have an impact on the value of the coin but it also comes down to the rarity and condition of the coin as well.

If the coin is in good condition then you may be able to get way more than the silver price of the coin. So if you have a 1986 Silver Dollar, take good care of it and you never know it might be worth way more in the future. 

1986 American Silver Eagle .999 Fine Silver Dollar Uncirculated US Mint with Our Certificate of Authenticity

What Is The History Behind The 1986 Silver Dollar?

It is crucial to know the history of the coin to understand its value better. That is because 1986 was the first year that the country released the American silver eagle coins. These were minted with no mint mark as an uncirculated coins. 

Besides that, if the mint mark is present, you will find it on the coin’s reverse side. Other than that, proof coins are also minted, and these coins have more detail than the regular coins of the same category. Proof coins are minted on special planchets, and it takes much longer to manufacture such coins. 

All the proof coins come in a velvet box issued by the U.S Mint. Besides that, the box also includes a COA (certificate of authorization). 

How To Check The Proof 1986 American Silver Eagle Coin?

If you want to know the 1986 silver dollar value, you must know how to check the proof coins and their authenticity. For example, the proof coin will have an S mintmark beneath the eagle’s left side. That is because the letter S is there to let you know that this coin was minted in San Francisco. 

The collectors of these proof coins call them the 1986-S ASE. These proof coins are more valuable than the regular ones you can get. You can contact a collector to under the worth of this coin even further. 

What Is On The Obverse Side Of The 1986 Silver Dollar?

The 1986 silver dollar coin has an obverse side that shows Lady Liberty walking. You will also notice the sun behind her. The sun’s rays will be shining through her on the coin. 

The image of Lady Liberty like this was designed in 1916 by Adolph A. Weinman. Ever since then, this image has been used on many coins to depict Lady Liberty and everything she stands for. Of course, that is apparent in her name. 

1986 - Present (Random Year) 1 oz American Silver Eagle Coin Brilliant Uncirculated (Type 1 or 2) with Certificate of Authenticity $1 BU

What Is On The Reverse Side Of The 1986 Silver Dollar?

The reverse side of the coin has the classic American Eagle and the Shield. It also has the Latin inscription of “E Pluribus Unum.” The phrase means, out of many, one. 

Besides that, there are also thirteen stars on the reverse side of the coin. All of these small details help you understand that the coin is authentic and genuine. That is why you must look for these important details when you collect this coin so you can have some peace of mind about its authenticity if you decide to sell it further. 

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