The Lincoln Penny, 2009

Last Updated on April 4, 2022

The Lincoln Penny 2009 showed quite an intriguing process of development according to the four stages of Lincoln’s life from birth and early childhood to his presidency!


How Much Is The Lincoln Penny Worth

The worth of the penny is dependent on the conditions and make-up of the penny itself and it varied from the zinc pennies amounting to $0.30 to the copper pennies with satin finish coming to a worth of $10 during the time.

2009 P, D ALL Single Lincoln Cent Coins 2 of each Type 8 Loose Coins Coin Set Uncirculated

Design Of The Lincoln Penny, 2009

The design of the pennies reflected the phases of Abraham Lincoln’s life, and they were divided into four distinct ones that each had their own characteristics!

The first one being ‘Birth and Early Childhood’ which represented a log cabin on the side of the coin which resembled the one Lincoln’s parents had owned and resided in previously. This holds special importance to him as he was known to have spent the early years of his childhood there and hence the cabin itself alongside Lincoln’s birth year is inscribed.

The second phase represents the Formative Years of Lincoln, as a younger and graceful version of him is carved onto the coin where he sits on a log reading a book. It was further analyzed to show that he was taking a break from splitting logs!

The third phase is more-so close to Lincoln’s professional life and shows on the coin a more ‘refined’ and adult version of himself. He is standing in front of the capitol as he once represented a county in Illinois, House of Representatives.

The last phase inscribed into the coin shows the US Capitol Dome in the same manner and build it persisted during Lincoln’s presidency. What is somewhat controversial in this design is that the dome during the time was only partially built, and under construction.

During this time the US was part of an extremely tough time period due to the Civil War and struggle against slavery. The dome and its construction is a very significant part of the design as it symbolizes the resolution-ridden ideologies and perspectives that Lincoln sought to achieve.

How Much Are the 2009 Pennies Worth?

The worth of the pennies varied not only on the basis of the ‘phases’ but also due to the components out of which they were made such as some provided below:

  • 2009 Birth and Early Childhood Lincoln Penny, Zinc and Brilliant Uncirculated was about 20 cents’ worth.
  • 2009 Birth and Early Childhood Lincoln Penny, Copper and Satin Finish was worth $8+
  • 2009-S Formative Years Lincoln Penny, Copper and Proof; $3.50
  • 2009-D Professional Life Lincoln Penny, Zinc and Brilliant Uncirculated; 20+ cents
  • 2009-S Presidency Lincoln Penny, Copper and Proof; $3.50+ and so on.

What Are the Errors On The Lincoln Pennies, 2009?

At times due to the nature of circulation, pennies may be found worn out which is why conservation is quite crucial in order to maintain price and worth. This is one of the reason it makes a penny ‘rare’.

Though the errors on the 2009 coin are not quite common, rarely so there may be one you might stumble upon with a minting flaw which may increase the price of the coin. One of the error that has been come across is the 2009 Penny error Double minting. This form of error is where one may find both the reverse of the 2009 Penny Lincoln Formative Years as well as the Lincoln Early Childhood, hence referred to as double minting.

Due to this the design can further be looked at from a magnifying glass to notice how Lincoln’s hands appear to be slightly deformed or appear double due to the nature of the error.

How Many Lincoln 2009 Pennies Are There?

The 2009 Lincoln Penny mintage by design varied accordingly as mentioned, in Denver and Philadelphia:

  • The Birthplace cent totaled to 634,800,000.
  • Formative Years cent amounted 739,600,000.
  • Professional Life cent reached 652,000,000.
  • Presidency cent being the least minted totaled to 327,600,000.

Apart from the general and copper-proof pennies, many others were sold and came under the category of unique or special-edition due to the nature of satin finish. These were collectibles as opposed to the ones that were specifically issued for the purpose of circulation.

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