Can Sodalite Go in Water? My Honest, Tested Answer (2022)

If you’re a crystal, gem, stone, or general mineral collector—like myself—then one of the first minerals you probably added to your collection was sodalite: A royal blue tectosilicate mineral. I bought my first piece of sodalite from my local gem and crystal shop, but maybe you’re lucky enough to have found yours out on a … Read more

Can Aventurine Go in Water? My Honest, Tested Answer (2022)

Can Aventurine Go in Water? My Honest, Tested Answer (2022)

Perhaps one of the most visually appealing stones, gems, crystals, or minerals in your collection, aventurine is also one of the most debated upon when it comes to whether or not it can go in water. Aventurine is a type of quartz that is typically green but can also be found in gray, blue, orange, … Read more

Can Black Obsidian Go in Water? My Honest, Tested Answer (2022)

If you’re like me and always looking for the ideal way to care for and reenergize your crystals, gems, stones, and minerals, then one of the first questions you may have found yourself asking about that gorgeous piece of black obsidian—the almost pure black stone with the smooth and reflective appearance—in your collection was this: … Read more

Can Amethyst Go in Water? My Honest, Tested Answer (2022)

Whether you’re completely new to crystal, gem, stone, and mineral collecting or a seasoned collector, you might be wondering: Can amethyst—the beautiful violet-colored piece of quartz in your collection—go in water? To answer your question: Yes, it Amethyst can go in water. This is actually one of the first questions I found myself asking when … Read more

Can Opalite go in Water? All of Your Opalite Questions Answered!

Unlike many other crystals, gems, stones, and minerals, opalite—typically known for its smooth texture, sky blue color, and glimmering white appearance in sunlight—is commonly found in its manmade form rather than natural form. What does this mean for opalite’s relationship with water then? Yes, Opalite can go in water, but there are some precautions that … Read more

How Much is Jade Worth? (2022 Price Guide)

Jade has many different variations, and each variation of jade is worth a different amount. Some jade is more expensive than diamonds while others sell for $2 per pound. Others sell anywhere from $6-100 per carat depending upon the quality of the stone.  How much is jade worth today? Jade, depending on what kind of … Read more

Can Rose Quartz Go In Water? My Honest, Tested Answer (2022)

Rose quartz is an essential piece to add to your crystal, stone, gem, and mineral collection: It’s a stunning pastel pink oftentimes laced with small veins of white. To keep your rose quartz in peak condition, you may find yourself wanting to give it the occasional rinse in water, which begs the question: Can rose … Read more

How to Tell if Malachite is Real – A Step by Step Guide

With it’s striking green color palette and distinctive banded texture patterns, malachite is easily one of the most unique and desirable gemstones. Ranging from bright pastel greens, to rich dark tones, malachite’s beauty is one that is often replicated using imitation materials hoping to mimic it’s natural beauty. How to tell if malachite is real? … Read more