Halo Ring Settings: What Type Is Right For You?

Last Updated on July 25, 2022

Halo ring settings are a popular ring setting. With a wide variety of styles, it’s not hard to see why so many people are drawn to the distinctive halo ring aesthetic. 

With a variety of halo setting types, there’s guaranteed to be a halo ring style perfect for any taste and budget.

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What Is a Halo Setting?

18K White Gold Plated Cubic Halo Zirconia Promise Engagement Halo Eternity Ring for Women (rhodium-plated-brass, 5)

Halo ring settings are setting styles that feature rows of accent stones surrounding a center stone. Halo ring settings make the primary stone appear more prominent and are considered some of the most popular ring setting styles. 

Types of Halo Ring Settings

There are many types of halo ring settings, including:

Single Halo

Single halo ring settings are the most popular type of halo setting and feature a center stone surrounded by a single layer of stones.

Single halo ring settings feature diamonds or gemstones in the surrounding row and may use colored gemstones or diamonds to create a unique look.

Double Halo

Similar to a single halo setting, double halo settings feature a center stone surrounded by two layers of accent diamonds, gemstones, or a combination of the two.

Double halo ring settings give the illusion of a larger center stone at a much more affordable price because the total carat count is spread across multiple stones. 

Triple Halo

Triple halo ring settings feature three layers of accent diamonds or gemstones packed tightly together. Triple halo settings deliver an intricate design and impressive sparkle at a relatively affordable price. 

Less popular than single or double halo ring settings, triple halo settings can be quite brilliant but may be uncomfortable due to the width of the rows. 

Hidden Halo

Silver Rose Gold Three-in-One Wedding Engagement Bridal Halo Ring Set (Rose Gold, 7)

Hidden halo ring settings are steadily gaining popularity and feature a line of accent stones gently snuggled at the base of the setting just below the center stone.

Hidden halo ring settings have the perfect mix of modern and traditional elements. Because the halo is hidden, the wearer will be unable to see the halo while the ring is on the finger. However, the halo will be visible from a profile view.

Gemstone Halo

Gemstone halo ring settings are a unique take on an otherwise traditional setting style. Gemstone halo settings feature other gemstones, such as sapphire or emerald, to deliver a unique aesthetic.

Gemstone halo ring settings can be created using a single or double halo style. Because gemstones tend to be more affordable than diamonds, a gemstone halo ring setting is more affordable than other halo styles.

Pear Shape Halo

Pear shape halo ring settings are a unique option that offers maximum sparkle at an affordable price.

Pear shape halo ring settings feature a teardrop-shaped center stone that is surrounded by a layer of accent stones. The unique shape of the pear halo setting provides the illusion of a larger center stone without the added cost of additional carats. 

Star Halo

Star halo ring settings are the rarest style of halo setting and include a center stone but utilize additional sizes of stones to create the unique star pattern that gives the ring setting its name.

Octagon Halo

One of the most distinctive halo ring settings available, octagon halo settings feature an angular metal frame that surrounds a round center stone to deliver a strikingly brilliant look.

Octagon halo ring settings increase the center stone’s brilliance and deliver a dynamic and interesting look. 

Hexagon Halo

Hexagon halo ring settings are another type of geometric ring setting that utilizes a distinctive angular metal frame to surround the center stone.

Hexagon halo ring settings feature six sides and can come in a single or double halo. Because of the wide surface area created by the hexagon halo design, the setting is not recommended for thin fingers. 

Floral Halo

Floral halo ring settings are a soft and feminine take on traditional halo settings and feature a flower-like shape created by several small round accent stones with curved edges.

Floral halo settings provide the illusion of a larger center stone without the added cost of selecting a higher carat diamond.

Floating Halo

Floating halo ring settings are a sleek and modern design that features an elevated halo held in place by metal prongs. Floating halo settings showcase the center stone by placing it upon a pedestal.

Floating halo ring settings create dimension and depth. However, due to its unique design, floating halo settings are more easily damaged than other setting styles and may not be the right fit for all lifestyles. 

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