How Much is 1904 Nickel Worth?

Last Updated on May 24, 2022

Because there are so many nickels out there, people are often afraid. A well-known coin is nickel from 1904. There have been more than 21,400,000 of these Liberty V Nickels made.

It can be found in all grades in circulation, up to and including MS66. Rare jewels are only the best ones. This type of coin is impressive and very popular because it has a beautiful design and is struck very well.


How Much is 1904 Nickel Worth?

If the 1904 nickel is in good condition, it is worth about $2.50. If it is in MS+ condition, it could sell at auction for up to $135. There is no sign of a typical scale of grades in these rates. So, when we say “Average Circulated,” we mean that the money is in the same condition as other 1904 coins, and when we say “mint state,” we mean that it is certified MS+.

The price for Fine 12 has gone up to $4. Prices go up to $13 for Very Fine 20, and Extremely Fine 40 costs $31. Because it is made of 75% copper and 25% nickel, the price will not change even if the market for precious metals goes up or down. This coin’s value from 100 years ago is likely to rise slowly over time, making it a risk-free investment.

The value of a 1904 Liberty Head V Nickel in good shape is believed to be somewhere in the neighborhood of $2.50, while the value of a coin in the faultless condition is estimated to be more than $135.00. A 1904 Liberty Nickel that is in uncirculated (MS+) mint condition might be worth anywhere from $83 to $140, or possibly more than that, depending on how well it has been preserved. However, if it is in typical condition, its value is closer to $2.55 than it is any higher.

1904 No Mint Mark Liberty Head Nickel Seller Very Good

When in Good 4 to Very Good eight condition, the value of each coin ranges from $1.75 to $2.25. The purchase price for Fine 12 will be $4. The value of a Very Fine 20 has grown to 13, while the price of an Extremely Fine 40 is now $31.

It is expected that most conserved specimens will be graded as Good to Fine. At the same time, just a handful will be scored as Excellent or Better. Uncirculated instances are sporadic and hence command a premium above other samples.

There are various ways to get a 1904 Liberty Head nickel within this price range. There is a chance that the price of uncirculated samples may increase if more investors opt to include coins in their portfolios.

What is the mintage of 1904 nickel?

There were a lot more Liberty Head nickels produced near the conclusion of the series than to the beginning. The 1904 Philadelphia-made Liberty Head nickel without a mint mark will be the subject of this piece.

The Philadelphia Mint struck 21,403,000 Liberty Head nickels in 1904. When compared to mintages in years prior and following, it was a significant increase. So many Liberty Head nickels struck in 1904 have survived to the present day, thanks to this fact!

What is 1904 nickel made up of?

The composition of a typical piece of nickel produced in the United States consists of copper making up 75% of the whole mass and nickel making up 25% of the total mass. The composition of a Liberty Head nickel is consistent with this standard.

In addition, the diameter of each one is precisely 21.21 millimeters, and each one weighs exactly 5.0 grams. Denticles may be found on both the obverse and reverse sides of the coin; however, there is no reeding to be found around the circle of the coin.

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Is there any error in the 1904 nickel formation?

A handful of the 1904 Liberty Head nickels have a triple-punched date, even though they are not notorious for defects. A minor blunder might have a significant impact on a product’s worth. In most cases, this causes the date of the first application to rise by a sliver of a day or two. 

This type of error has value since the punched date is distinct and easy to see. With only two punches between them, the majority of punched dates are incorrect. To detect the fault, it’s pretty challenging to do so, and the coin’s value decreases as a result.

What is the grading system of 1904 nickel?

There are no apparent indications of wear that can be seen. The coin has a glossy appearance, but its surface could also contain some blemishes, scratches, or abrasions. The most significant areas of the artwork each have a few visible faults or traces of touch.

There is a possibility that the coin will not shine as brilliantly as it usually would. The surfaces of this coin are polished and smooth, and the primary areas of interest are located close to a few minute imperfections. There aren’t any significant issues to be concerned about.

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