How Much Is Volcanion Ex Worth? (Full Price Chart)

Last Updated on April 20, 2022

Pokémon cards in the 90s were only treated as playing cards, and many adults have their memories attached to these cards. But who knew in the 90s that these exact cards would become a trading source in the future.

If the kids in the 90s knew how valuable these cards were going to get, they would’ve been millionaires now.

However, if you have a Volcanion Ex #107 and want to know how much it is worth. You are in the right place.


How Much Is Volcanion Ex Worth?

The Pokémon cards have a grade assigned to them, looking at many factors. Different grades have different worth in the market. The higher the grade, the better offer you will get on your card.

The Volcanion Ex ungraded card is worth around $5. The Grade 8 card of the same Volcanion Ex series is estimated at $18.05. Grade 9 has a similar value at can go up to $20.

Last but not least, the highest grade you can find these cards with is PSA 10. For example, the Volcanion Ex with a PSA 10 grade is worth $43.

Pokemon - Volcanion-EX (26/114) - XY Steam Siege - Holo

What has been the Trend of the Volcanion Ex Price?

It is important to understand and analyze the price trend to get a better idea of the market for these cards. The trend of the price of the Volcanion Ex is different and may amaze you. Even grades have a different trend as they are sold at different values.

The Ungraded Volcanion started at $6 and has been fluctuating since then. However, it has never seen a rise than $6 since it was introduced.

The grade 8 Volcanion Ex card came into the market in January 2022 and was recorded for $15.02. Since then, it has gone up to only $18.05.

The grade 9 card of the Volcanion Ex card introductory price was about $37.24, but with time it fluctuated and is now settled at $20 for April 2022.

The PSA 10 grade value is what excites the collectors most. It is the highest grade a Pokémon card can be awarded. The PSA 10 started at $150 in February 2021 and remained consistent for a few months. Then, rather than seeing a rise, the price fell and reached $43.

What Does A Grade Tell About the Condition of a Pokémon Card?

The Pokémon cards were published in huge numbers and have been in existence for a long time now. Unfortunately, the card condition gets a bit worse with time and usage. Therefore, a numerical grading system was introduced for the Pokémon cards to easily understand the card’s condition by just reading a number.

What are the Different Grades for A Pokémon Card?

Various grades can be assigned to a Pokémon card to represent its condition.

  • Poor condition – Grade 1
  • Good condition –Grade 2
  • Very Good condition – Grade 3
  • Very Good to Excellent condition – Grade 4
  • Excellent condition – Grade 5
  • Excellent – Near Mint condition – Grade 6
  • Near Mint condition – Grade 7
  • Near Mint – Mint condition – Grade 8
  • Mint condition – Grade 9
  • Gem Mint condition – PSA 10

The above mentioned are the different grades you will find with the Pokémon cards you are willing to buy.

Where To Get A Volcanion Ex Card From?

The Volcanion Ex card can easily be found in various places. One of the best ways to buy a Volcanion ex card is any trusted online platform. Since the demand for these cards has increased, there are various platforms introduced where you can find these cards from.

In addition, there are several auctions held for everyone to bid on their favorite cards. It is a good way to cater to all the people looking for the card, which somehow increases the price due to high bids. So if you are looking to buy a Volcanion Ex through an auction, make sure to bid higher than the normal price.

You should keep in mind one thing in mind whether you are buying from an online platform or an auction. Always get your card checked by a professional to confirm its originality.

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