How to Tell if Black Onyx is Real – 3 Easy Methods

Quickly becoming one of fashion’s most sought after gemstones, black onyx has taken center stage with its dazzling and deep tones that are perfect for necklaces, rings, and bracelets.  But the rising popularity of black onyx comes with a dark side: an increasing number of counterfeit sellers are trying to mimic the stone’s rare and … Read more

Why is White Gold More Expensive? (Full Answer)

Two main factors typically drive jewelry purchases: preference and price. Whatever type of gold you choose depends on your tastes and the current trends. But comparing the cost and value is just as important. So, why is white gold more expensive? White gold is typically more expensive than yellow gold, not because of a value … Read more

What is Surface Graining on A Diamond?

Surface graining is a term that refers to the presence of irregularities in the structure of your diamond. These affect the optical properties in various ways but to see the actual surface graining, you must view the diamond at high magnification. The surface graining manifests as transparent lines which become semi-transparent when you view your … Read more