What Does 18KGP (Gold Plated) Mean?

When shopping for fine jewelry, customers are likely to come across pieces of jewelry that are 18KGP. But with such a large variety of jewelry labeled as 18KGP, customers might wonder: what exactly is 18KGP? What Is 18K Gold Plated? The term 18 Karat Gold Plated (18KGP) refers to jewelry that has a thin layer … Read more

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Showering With Jewelry: What You Can And Can’t Wear

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How to Tell if Hematite is Real – Tips for Spotting Genuine Gems

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How to Get Rid of Wedding Ring Indentation (2022)

There isn’t a quick hack to get your wedding ring indentation to vanish. It’d have to be quite a patient process, and would depend on how long you wore the ring. Regardless, here’s a summary of the steps: Remove the ring gently so that the indentation isn’t pressed against any further. Apply lubricants like oil … Read more

How to Tell if Black Onyx is Real – 3 Easy Methods

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Why is White Gold More Expensive? (Full Answer)

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