How Much Is a 1947 Dime worth? (+Value Chart)

Last Updated on August 29, 2022

The 1940s was a crucial time not for the US but the world.

This was when the world was recovering from the Great Depression.

The 1947 dime, at that time, was one of the smallest denominations produced in the US. 

Considering the economic factors, the coin may not have had a high value during that time.

However, it is not one of the most favorite coins for collectors to have in their possession. 

Here is all you need to know about 1947 dime. 

1947 S Roosevelt (1946 - Date) Dime Seller Choice Fine Details


How Much Is 1947 Dime Worth?

The 1947 dime produced in Philadelphia has no mintmark and is worth around $1.68 in good to very good condition. The value can go up to $2 if the dime is found in extremely fine condition. 

However, the uncirculated condition coins have a premium value. For example, the 1947 dime in uncirculated condition with an MS60 grade holds a value of around $7 and $14 for an MS65 graded dime. 

The same year dime produced in mint of Denver and San Francisco is worth around $1.68 from good to very good condition. The value in extremely fine condition is about $2.5.

If found in uncirculated condition with MS60 grade, the value will be around $8 and $15 for MS65 dime. The 1947 dime was produced in three mints in the country.

So you will find three different variants when you are buying it. Every variant has its value depending on many factors. 

Coin Type Good  Very Good Extremely Fine Uncirculated MS60 Uncirculated MS65 
1947 Dime $1.68 $1.68 $2 $7 $14
1947 D Dime $1.68 $1.68 $2.5 $8 $15
1947 S Dime $1.68 $1.68 $2.5 $8 $15


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Where Is The Mintmark On A 1947 Dime?

1947 S Roosevelt (1946 - Date) Dime Seller Choice Fine Details

On many old coins, you may have seen the mintmark on the obverse side of the coin. However, on the 1947 dime, the mintmark is found on the reverse side. 

If you are looking for the mintmark, make sure to have a look around the center of the coin, on the left side of the flame torch engraving. You can find the mintmark there.

However, don’t forget to look closely as the font is very small of the mintmark. 

Why does the Grade Influences The Value of 1947 Dime?

Not only the 1947 dime, but the grades influence the value of every collectible coin. A coin needs to be graded before it can be valued.

Therefore, the grading system is what influences the value of your 1947 dime. The coin’s grade is the only factor that represents the condition of the coin you are looking at.

Once you know the grade of a coin, then there is no need to even look at the coin. The grade is enough to give you a good idea of the coin’s value. 

The grade depends on the condition of the coin. The lower the grade, the worse the condition of the coin.

Therefore, it influences the value to a great extent. 

What Is The “JS” Engraving Present on The Obverse Side of 1947 Dime?

Looking at the 1947 dime, you may have seen the “JS” markings on the obverse side right under the neck of Roosevelt’s portrait. Many people think it is the mintmark as it is mainly found on the obverse side of every coin. 

However, the JS is the initials of the designer of the 1947 dime. The JS stands for John Sinnock.

He has contributed a lot to the US mintage and is one of the popular engravers. The government decided to add his initials to the design to pay him a tribute for his services.

Don’t confuse the JS as the mintmark of the 1947 dime. 

Why Is There No Mintmark on Some 1947 Dimes?

Many beginners think that every 1947 dime contains a mintmark engraved on the reverse side. However, that is not the case for every 1947 dime available. 

The 1947 dimes minted in Philadelphia never had a mintmark present on them. So there is nothing to worry about if you don’t see the mintmark.

It must be from the mint of Philadelphia. Over 121 million 1947 dimes came out of the mint of Philadelphia.

So there are very high chances that you will find them. Check the dime before buying it and adding it to your collection. 

What Is The Melt Value of 1947 Dime?

1947 S Roosevelt (1946 - Date) Dime Seller Choice Fine Details

The melt value of a 1947 dime is around $1.39. The melt value refers to the amount that can be gained by extracting the precious metal from the coin, silver, in the case of 1947. 

The 1947 dime is made up of silver, and that is why it holds a high metal value compared to other coins.  

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