How Much Is The 1925 Silver Dollar Worth?

The silver Peace Dollar coin remains among the most sought-after coins yet created by the United States Mint. Experienced coin enthusiasts may demand coins from every year created because Peace Dollars were only manufactured in small amounts and for a few years. How Much Is The 1925 Silver Dollar Worth? In very fine condition, the … Read more

How Much Is The 1936 Half Dollar Worth?

The Walking Liberty Half Dollar is amongst some of the most famous and highly coveted coins yet created by the US Mint. This piece was produced in a very unique size, and this part of the back story itself is a reason for the appeal it has for collectors. What Is the Worth of 1936 Half Dollar Worth? … Read more

How Much Is The 1966 Quarter Worth? (Full Value Chart)

The 1966 quarters are, unfortunately for coin collectors, quite common. Most coins in the 1960s were minted in three different mints including Denver, San Francisco and Philadelphia. However, the 1966 Washington Quarter is one of the few coins in the United States that were only minted at the Philadelphia Mint. These coins are fairly common … Read more

How Much is the 1969 20 Dollar Bill Worth? (ANSWERED)

The 1969 20 dollar bill was issued as a federal reserve note in the year 1969. This is also the same year in which new treasury seals were printed on the United States bills for security reasons, such as preventing the circulation and usage of counterfeit 20 dollar bills. The 1969 20 dollar bill is … Read more

How Much Is The 1974 Silver Dollar Worth?

The 1974 Silver Dollar coin’s valuation is twofold, which is quite unique. It is not only valued as silver bullion but also as a numismatic coin. This is why you will most likely see this silver dollar in the collection of top coin collectors. So, it comes as no surprise that it has a high … Read more

How Much Is The 2020 Salt River Bay Quarter Worth?

The 2020 Salt River bay quarters were created to honor the place itself and its rich history. The Salt River Bay was designated a Wildlife Reserve by Congress in 1992 to conserve, safeguard, and communicate the narrative of the region’s unique contributions towards the country’s environmental and historical history. What Is the Value of These … Read more

How Much Is the Thomas Jefferson Gold Dollar Worth? (ANSWERED)

Thomas Jefferson, as we all know, was the 3rd president of the United States. In order to commemorate his time in office as acting president, the Thomas Jefferson gold dollar coin was issued. This dollar coin was minted and issued in the year 2007 and currently has a face value of one dollar. While the … Read more

How To Roll Coins?

Losing your change is one of the most annoying things everyone faces. When we need them, that is the moment we can’t find them. To overcome all these problems, coin rolling is a perfect way. There are many ways to roll coins by your hand. Are you looking to know it happens? Continue reading below. … Read more

James Madison Dollar Coin Value

The James Madison dollar coin was minted in honor of the fourth President of the United States. It was part of the Presidential $1 Coin Program which began in 2007. The coins were made of copper-nickel clad and featured a likeness of James Madison on the front. On the back, there is an image of … Read more

The 1973 Lincoln Penny

The Lincoln Penny 1973 does not amount to much and are deemed not to be as valuable compared to many other coins. On the other hand, if they are found in uncirculated condition or with errors, they can be sold for quite a lot! The face value of the Lincoln Penny amounts to only a … Read more