Can Obsidian Get Wet? My Honest, Tested Answer

Whether that piece of obsidian in your collection is black—the most common color for obsidian—or a more rare variety of blue, red, orange, or mahogany, the same basic guidelines apply when it comes to getting it get. Obsidian can, in fact, get wet. Putting obsidian in water is probably the simplest way to cleanse and … Read more

Can Rose Quartz Go in Salt? My Honest Tested Answer

The question of whether or not certain crystals, gems, stones, or minerals—this article discusses rose quartz in particular—can go in salt or saltwater is a hot topic for most collectors since it affects how we choose to cleanse the pieces in our collections. So—let’s get right to the question—can you put your rose quartz in … Read more

Can Amethyst Go in Water? My Honest, Tested Answer (2022)

Whether you’re completely new to crystal, gem, stone, and mineral collecting or a seasoned collector, you might be wondering: Can amethyst—the beautiful violet-colored piece of quartz in your collection—go in water? To answer your question: Yes, it Amethyst can go in water. This is actually one of the first questions I found myself asking when … Read more